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St Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish 2020 Annual Collection  

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September 23, 2020

Dear Parishioners

The  last  six  months  have  presented  unique  and  unprecedented  challenges  for our  families,  nation and  parish community, in the form of the COVID-19  pandemic. None of us were prepared for the swift and dramatic change the nationwide lockdown would bring, as well as the hardships it would place on everyday life and our ability to practice the faith.   However, God is always with us, and by His grace we have been able to continue celebrating mass both virtually and in small gatherings, adhering to all of the required precautions. We have reached a point where churches have been allowed to re-open, with various stipulations.  Despite this, many of our parishioners will remain  at home, as they may have underlying  conditions  or are at the age where  contracting  COVID-19 would be a serious  health concern. As a parish,  we promise  to continue  ministering  to all of our parishioner's spiritual needs. This is a time where we must come together and share our love of the Lord with all of His people.

I want  to thank  you for continuing  to share  your  time, talent and resources  over the past year.   This  support enables  St. Elizabeth of the Trinity  to serve God's people with necessary programs and ministries  that so many have come to experience  and enjoy.   As you realize,  these programs  and ministries  require increased  financial support each year, and COVID-19  has placed a serious  strain on our weekly offertory collection.   The reality is fixed  costs  do not stop  and our buildings  and  grounds  require  constant  upkeep, so when  coupled  with  recent declines in offertory giving, we have become reliant on savings to pay bills and balance the budget.  The Annual Collection gives our parish financial extra support that allows us to keep on budget.

In the past year,  we have been able to accomplish  many improvements  to all the parishes  at all buildings  and grounds to maintain all systems to be fully operational.   We made renovations to all exterior electrical lighting at St. Barnabas.  Recently we had to clear up the damage  to St. Therese grounds due to the tornado that struct this area.     We  added  all  new gutters  at St.  Frances  Cabrini  and  renovated  the vestibule  roof,  and  we  have  also upgraded  St. Therese  Church  Hall to temporarily  house our weekly  Bingo, which hopefully  can start  up soon. During this next calendar year, we plan to renovate St. Barnabas Church Hall to be handicap accessible with new bathrooms  so we can house the church  weekly Bingo in the future and also make the Hall accessible  for many other church functions and events.

Last year, $79,011 was generously donated by 661 parish families.  The average contribution was $120!  I was so grateful for this response.  I cannot thank those who participated enough!   Our goal this year has been established at $100,000.   We have taken into consideration  COVID-19 and the strain it has placed on household finances in deciding on this goal.

Please prayerfully consider making a generous gift. This financial support will make it possible for us to pay our fixed cost bills and emergency repairs.  Your continued participation is so very vital! Please use the enclosed personalized gift card and reply envelope, which can be returned via the collection basket or mailed to the parish office.   If you would prefer to make your contributions electronically,  Please enroll in our online giving program by clicking here or on the We-share picture, on the front page.

It is my privilege to serve you and the many other warm and generous parishioners of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. The continuous acts of kindness, compassion  and mercy that I witness each day as your Pastor continue to inspire me in my own faith.

Sincerely yours in Christ, Rev. Michael Santiago