Miraculous Medal

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 2/03/23

Question: What is the “Miraculous Medal” and why is it called that?

Answer: The medal of the Immaculate Conception that has come to be called simply the “Miraculous Medal” dates back to an apparition of Mary to Saint Catherine Laboure, who was then a novice sister with the Daughters ... Read More »

Saint Vs. Blessed

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 1/28/23

Question: What is the difference between a “Saint” and a “Blessed”?

Answer: The process of proclaiming someone as a saint in the Catholic Church has evolved over the course of many centuries. In the beginning, those honored as saints were almost exclusively biblical figures or martyrs. However, after the ... Read More »

Chastisement vs. Punishment

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 1/21/23

Question: What is the difference between a chastisement and a punishment?

Answer: The distinction between chastisement and punishment is, in many ways, a subtle one, but which is still relevant in our Catholic tradition.

First, chastisement is a concept that is grounded in Sacred Scripture. Here, we see chastisement ... Read More »

Reading the Bible

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 1/13/23

Reading the Bible

Question: What is unique or different about the way Catholics read and are exposed to the Bible?

Answer: Catholics are exposed to Scripture primarily through the Sunday readings from a book known as the Lectionary. The Lectionary is a book of selected passages from the Bible ... Read More »

Wedding Feast & Epiphany

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 1/03/23

Wedding Feast & Epiphany

Question: How are the feasts of the baptism of Jesus and the account of the wedding feast of Cana related to the Epiphany celebration?

Answer: The Epiphany season focuses on revealing Jesus to the world. Following the Christmas celebration, the liturgical year lays out a ... Read More »

Rosary and some history of the Rosary

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 12/31/22


Question: What is the story behind the rosary?

Answer: The rosary is a sacred and popular Catholic devotion, but its origins are mysterious. Prayer beads to facilitate meditation began in the early ages of the Church. In the early medieval period, bead strings were used to count Hail ... Read More »


Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 12/21/22


Question: With Christmas fast approaching, can you give me some practical tips to prepare myself and my family that will help us stay grounded in what this holiday is really about? With all the commercialism, it’s easy to stray.

Answer: Happy times and events bring fond memories and ... Read More »

Christmas Gifts

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 12/20/22

Christmas Gifts

Question: Why do we give gifts at Christmas?

Answer: Great events in and of themselves are not tangible. They occur in life but leave no mark behind, nothing that someone could come across and know that something significant occurred. So we mark the event with monuments, holidays, ... Read More »

What is the Hispanic Advent custom of “Las Posadas

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 12/16/22

Question: What is the Hispanic Advent custom of “Las Posadas”?

Answer: “Posada” is the Spanish word for inn or lodging. “Las Posadas” refers to a traditional Advent custom in preparation for the birth of Jesus, beginning on December 16. For nine successive evenings, groups reenact the search of Mary ... Read More »

Strengthening Faith

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 12/11/22

Question: Our prayer group is discussing ways we can change and strengthen our faith. What one thing could we change that would have the greatest impact on our faith?

Answer: A famous coach once said that when the team is in trouble and things aren’t going well, go back ... Read More »