Church Collections

Church Collections

Question: Where does the money go that is collected each week at Church?

Answer: This is a good question! Every parish has financial obligations, including the basic operation of the buildings, salaries, maintenance, and improvements. In addition, there are schools to support, programs to run, charities to be funded, and operational expenses like hosts and wine for Mass, music books, vestments, and so on. In some cases, cemeteries and other buildings need attention. Finally, there is the diocesan assessment that each parish pays to help run the diocese and the support services provided to each parish. 

Most parishes manage to get by with the collection, a few fundraisers and endowments. But contrary to popular opinion, cash flow is also a problem, and many parishes operate in the red. The Finance Committee is responsible for assisting the pastor in fiscal management, and good stewardship is the basis for successful programs.