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Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 3/24/20

“You have been told, O mortal, what is good, and what the LORD requires of you: only to do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

Dear friends, given what we’re experiencing as a result of the corona virus, I thought it might ... Read More »

Important Notice

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 3/15/20

Because of the growing concerns of the coronavirus: 1. The sign peace will be omitted. 2. The distribution of Holy Communion via the chalice will be suspended. 3. Please receive the Body of Christ on your hands. 4. The Holy Water fonts will be emptied. If you are sick ... Read More »

3-15-2020 3rd Sunday of Lent - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 3/15/20

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus                                                                                  March 15, 2020

The 6th Station of the Cross - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus, is a story about a woman’s courageous display of compassion; compassion that considered the well-being of Jesus more important than her own ... Read More »

3-8-2020 2nd Sunday of Lent - "Take up your cross and Follow me!"

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 3/08/20

“Take up your cross and follow me!”                                                                                  March 08, 2020

Dear Friends, I thought it appropriate during the season of Lent, to shift gears a bit. Over the next 6 weeks, I will share some of my personal reflections on the Stations of the Cross. I can’t ... Read More »

03-01-20 1st Sunday of Lent Not by bread alone… Matt 4: 1-11

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 3/01/20

In today’s Gospel, the three temptations of Jesus in the desert illustrate the devil’s futile attempt to subjugate him. In each instance Jesus applies his understanding and knowledge of scripture to beat the devil at his own game. For example: in the first temptation, the devil approached Jesus and ... Read More »

2-23-2020 "Be Perfect?"

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 2/21/20

Be Perfect???In the last line of today’s Gospel Jesus says: “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

Well, let’s face facts; perfection is not something that you, I or anyone is capable of achieving. Thus Jesus’ command to “be perfect,” seems a bit absurd, doesn’t it? So ... Read More »

2-16-2020 With Living Comes Wisdom

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 2/16/20

With Living Comes Wisdom

The first of today’s scripture readings is taken from an ancient book, titled:

The Wisdom of Joshua Ben Sira - a.k.a., The Book of Sirach.

It is one of the Wisdom books of the Old Testament, and treats of good morals and the true religious ... Read More »

2-09-2020 Salt and Light

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 2/10/20

Salt and Light

Today’s Gospel provides us with an example of Jesus recruiting disciples to assist him with his mission. Son of God though he is, building the Kingdom requires workers who are united in their commitment to heed Jesus’ call and who in turn can inspire others to ... Read More »

2-2-2020 Food for the Soul

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 2/01/20

Food for the Soul

Last week we celebrated for the first time, the Sunday of the Word of God. You may have noticed that the Book of Gospels, which the deacons hold aloft during the opening procession, was placed upright on the altar. This is intended to give prominence ... Read More »

1-26-2020 Sunday of the Word of God

Posted by Lenny Ricciardelli on 1/27/20

I recently learned that back in September of 2019, Pope Francis published an apostolic letter titled: Aperuti Illis, establishing the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary time as: “Sunday of the Word of God.” In this letter he says: “The relationship between the Risen Lord, the community of believers and sacred ... Read More »