God forgives you!

Sharing the Gospel
You sin, just like everybody else does. God forgives you even if your sin is very bad. God washes all of your sins away and treats you with kindness. The next time someone hurts your feelings, remember how God forgives you. Follow God's example.

Prayer - God, teach me to forgive other people the way you forgive me.

Something to Draw - Draw a picture of Jesus dying on the cross for your sins

Mission for the Week - Name one person you are angry with. Pray to God. Ask God to help you let go of your anger and really forgive.

Sharing the Gospel

Jesus says to forgive each other seventy times seven or 490 times. That's forgiving once each day for more than a year. Put 490 jelly beans in a gallon "Forgiveness Jug." Each time you forgive someone, eat a jelly bean. When you realize that God has forgiven you, it is easier to forgive others from your heart. God fills you with his love, which is even better than jelly beans. Then you can forgive without holding a grudge.

Prayer - Lord, help me forgive other people completely and quickly.

Something to Draw - Draw a picture of you and your friend forgiving each other and playing together.

Mission for the Week - I will forgive those who hurt me because God has forgiven me.