Make sure your heart is ready for Jesus.

Sharing the Gospel

Make sure your heart is ready for Jesus. One day Jesus will come back. If your heart is empty and dark - without love - you will be left out. But if your heart is filled with God's love for other people, Jesus will bring you into heaven with him forever.

Prayer - God, fill my heart with your love. I want to be ready for Jesus.

Something to Draw - Draw a picture of yourself helping your parents set the table because you love Jesus.

Mission for the Week - As a family, go through your closets and drawers. Take out all the clothes you don't wear anymore. Then donate them to charity.

Sharing the Gospel

You do not know the day or hour when God will come for you. Be prepared with the flashlight of your soul. Love God with your whole mind, heart, and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. When you follow these two commandments, it lights up your soul. When you forget to obey them, your light grows dim. Put a flashlight and extra batteries by your bed to show God that you are ready for him.

Prayer - Lord, thank you for loving me and forgiving me.

Something to Draw - Draw you and your flashlight with extra batteries lighting the way to God.

Mission for the Week - I will show the way to God by sharing favorite Bible stories with others.