Some people think that they know everything...

Sharing the Gospel

Some people think that they know everything that there is to be known about God. They think they are better and smarter than other people, too. Watch out if you think you are acting that way! Tell God you're sorry. Ask God to help you change your attitude, and serve others.

Prayer - God, help me to follow you with a humble heart.

Something to Draw - Draw a picture of yourself showing off. Draw another picture of yourself helping a friend. Circle the picture that makes God happy.

Mission for the Week - Look up the words "humble" and "proud" in the dictionary. When you remember that everything you have is a gift from God, it is easier to be humble.

Sharing the Gospel

Do not be a phony baloney. Do not tell others to follow rules that you do not follow. Be honest with yourself. If something is wrong for others, it is wrong for you. If it is wrong for your friends to steal, it is wrong for you. If it is wrong to hit others, then do not hit your friend in anger. Practice what you preach. Know and follow God's commandments so he will be happy.

Prayer - Lord, teach me to practice what I preach.

Something to Draw - Draw a preacher telling people to share. Then draw the preacher sharing his food.

Mission for the Week - I will practice what I preach. I will do as I say I should.