You used the five talents God gave you

Sharing the Gospel

You used the five talents God gave you. Then you studied to gain new talents. Now you can swim and dive. You put your toys and your clothing away neatly. You can read simple and hard words. You can write a sentence and a whole story. You can give money to the church, donate food for poor families, and still have money in your piggybank. God is proud of you. God will give you more talents.

Prayer - Teach me new ways to serve you, Lord.

Something to Draw - Draw yourself showing your brother how to put his toys and clothing away neatly.

Mission for the Week - Every day I will sing a song to thank God for my talents.

Sharing the Gospel
You can choose to waste your time, your money and your special talents. You can be selfish with them, too. Or, you can use those gifts from God to spread good news about Jesus. When you choose to use your gifts for God, and he will fill your heart with joy.

Prayer - God, help me to use my time, my money and my special talents for you.

Something to Draw - Draw a picture of yourself helping a younger child learn how to tie their shoes.

Mission for the Week - God has given your family money. Use some of it to buy food for a needy family.