ELM is an initiative of the Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis, generously supported by the Hartford Bishops’ Foundation, which serves to promote greater vitality and vibrancy in our parishes. ELM stands for the tenets of the program, which are our goals for the beneficiaries of this initiative:

  • Evangelizing Catechesis
  • Lifelong Formation
  • Missionary Discipleship

ELM has two branches: Parish Accompaniment and Leadership Formation. Each branch of ELM supports and serves the other. As parishes establish plans for vibrant lifelong faith formation, leaders will emerge who are in need of formation and as leaders are formed, they will be instrumental in growing vibrant parish communities.

Our Parish is continuing to work on our parish plan. 

•ELM stands for:
•Evangelizing Catechesis,
•Lifelong Formation
•Missionary Discipleship.
•Envisioning Lifelong Faith Formation in Parishes
•Developing a Plan for Lifelong Faith Formation
•Designing New Projects in Lifelong Faith Formation

For more information contact the Faith Formation Office.