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Faith shines bright amid the darkness in Myanmar

As protests against the military coup continue in Myanmar, women religious accompany their people in the “fighting and protesting to end military dictatorship, to get justice and peace”.

Interests and colonial legacy fuelling violence in DRC

Pope Francis has joined his voice to those of the many leaders expressing shock and condolences for the brutal killing of the Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, together with an Italian police officer and their Congolese driver.

Holy See calls for easing of intellectual property barriers for Covid-19 vaccines

The Holy See is calling for the easing of restrictions imposed by the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), in order to allow speedy and maximum access to Covid-19 vaccines.

Malaysian bishops oppose deportation of Myanmar refugees

Catholic leaders in Malaysia recall that refugees, migrants and asylum seekers are vulnerable people, and that they should be treated with humanity, based on mercy, compassion and love.

“Breathe, Peru” campaign ramps up fundraising to help Covid-19 patients

Donors have come out in strength to support a Church-supported campaign to help guarantee oxygen supplies for hospitals treating Covid-19 patients.

Lent: a time for renewing faith, hope and love

In this period of preparation leading to Easter, and starting from themes tied to the Lenten journey, we offer reflections of Pope Francis. To experience Lent in hope, the Pope writes in his Message for Lent 2021, means "receiving the hope of Christ, who gave His life on the Cross".

Ecuador: Over 75 people killed in prison riots

At least 75 people have been killed and dozens more injured in three separate prison riots in Ecuador, where officials are blaming gang rivalry for the tragedy.

Zambia: Thieves steal Tabernacle containing Holy Eucharist

In Kitwe, Zambia’s second largest city, Unknown people have stolen the Tabernacle from a Catholic Church.

Holy See reiterates calls for nuclear disarmament, arms control

During the High-Level Segment of the 2021 Conference on Disarmament, the Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, highlights the importance of joint efforts geared towards disarmament, calling it an “ethical imperative” as the world continues on the path towards peace and fraternity.

Ep 5 – Wisdom from the Western Isles: The Hermit with David Torkington – Discerning Hearts Podcast

Episode 5:  Abba – Father, Context and Direction It is James’ fourth meeting with Peter and he realizes that there are only two more days left to speak with the hermit about his spiritual life. James asks Peter to teach him how to pray from the very beginning. The first time that question was asked ... Read more

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