Parish Council

July 28, 2019

My fellow parishioners and brothers and sisters in Christ:

Some months ago, our Pastor, Fr. Michael Santiago, convoked a parish council.  What is a parish council?  The parish council is a consultative body that consists of clergy and parishioners who collaborate in the ministry of the parish community.  The main purposes of the parish council are as follows:

  • To advise the pastor on present and future directions for the parish community, based on the Church’s mission to make disciples as well as the vision of the parish;

  • To assist the pastor in carrying on the mission of Jesus; proclaiming the Gospel; celebrating the liturgy, and serving Christ’s people by helping them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and to become missionary in their role as modern-day disciples.

  • To set an example of unity and cooperation as a Christian community to the parish and the Church.

The following people serve on our parish council:  Rev. Michael Santiago - Pastor; Gary Nolan - President, Melanie Khan - Vice President, Marie Barecchia – Secretary/Facilities Manager, Sharon Ricciardelli – Bookkeeper/Finances, Patsy Glenn – Director of Faith Formation, Michele Adinolfi – Nursery School Director, Trustees - Ray Peach and Corrine Whitmore, Members at large Andrea Puzio Dave Ianiello, Italia Avitable, Julie-Anne Buonasora, Maryann Adinolfi, Nicla Nuzzo, Ron Mongillo and Deacons - Ron Bicknell, Steve Bilodeau and Ernie Scrivani.

 In our first meetings our discussions revolved around the progresses and challenges of parish operations as far as facilities, mission and parishioner engagement.  We spent time in defining, what we feel is a relevant and engaging ‘Vision’ statement for St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish.  Here is our resulting vision statement: 

The parish community of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity aspires to be a family of faith, united in the Church’s mission to make disciples, by proclaiming in word and action - the joy of the Gospel, especially to those most in need of God’s love and mercy.

In March an extended group numbering about 30 gathered to participate in an exercise known as a S.W.O.T. Analysis to identify our parish’s current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A S.W.O.T. Analysis is the first step toward the creation of ‘strategic parish action and growth plan,’ which is intended to help us achieve our parish vision and create a parish community that is open, warm, welcoming and is also relevant and engaging.

Our S.W.O.T. analysis identified “Communication in our Parish” as a weakness, a threat, and an opportunity.  Your parish council met last Monday evening to discuss the steps to incorporate our vision statement into our mission, with an eye on future stewardship.  Through the course of our meeting it became very clear that changes in communication need to be made. To become a true family of faith we all need to adopt a disciple mission attitude, for our parish to thrive into the future.   Every member of our faith community is entitled to know “what” is going on and “how” they can be involved with their personal gifts that are God-given, and most importantly “why” changes will be made in our parish, which will welcome back those who no longer participate.   We as a Parish Council are firmly committed to building a strong and vibrant St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish Catholic community. 

We will keep you posted as we continue our work as a mission-oriented parish, and welcome your feedback, ideas, and help in any way that you can.  God bless you always and please pray for us as we serve you.  


Gary Nolan – President, St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish Council