Parish Fundraising Efforts

We would like to thank all those who visited our Christmas Bazaar, Jewelry Sale and who has contributed their time, effort and donations to our raffle.

Please note the profits for all these events are as follows:
Bazaar total net profit: $4,154.60
Jewelry total net profit: $2,229.00
Raffle net profit: $20,442.11
Total net profit Fundraising $26,825.71

The Bazaar was successful due to all the parishioners of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish who volunteer each year to help out and those who donate items to make our bazaar a success. We could not be successful without all of your help! We hope you all enjoyed our bazaar and will plan on visiting again next year! 
The Jewelry Sale was also a success. Our three day sale was very much appreciated by our parishioners who enjoyed getting out during these trying times.
We thank all who volunteered their time and efforts to this event.
The Raffle was a success we would like to thank our volunteers who help put the raffle together. It does take a lot of time and effort and it is much appreciated.

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