Pastors Message

Dear Parishioners,

The birth of our Savior is upon us, let us rejoice and be glad! Our Lord has humbled himself, and has come close to us in the infant Jesus. He calls us to visit him at his manger with our concerns, cares, headaches and anxieties. Our hearts are made lighter. Jesus is Emmanuel. God Wills us. Our Lord’s birth gives our hearts new hope. May the
Christ child fill your hearts with peace and joy. May the new year be one of health and happiness for you and your family.
In the Joy of his Nativity,
Fr. Michael A. Santiago, Pastor

We hope that you and your families remained healthy and safe during these unprecedented and challenging times. In the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic our primary concerns remain the health and wellbeing of our parishioners. Please see the schedule for the mass times for all three churches. Please note the 8AM Mass will be celebrated at
St. Frances Cabrini Church and the 11AM Mass will be at St. Therese. At both of these locations please use the front doors ONLY. Also, please note all Mass intentions will be switched to these locations as well. The Saturday Mass at 4pm and the Sunday Mass at 9:30AM will be held at St Barnabas Church. At this location please use back doors only. Also, there is no need to sign up for Mass. We will continue to have the  churches cleaned and sanitized before each Mass.

Thank you for all of your support during these times.

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A note from the Most Reverend Leonard P. Blair: A further threat of the spread of COVID-19 has arisen, and I’d like to specify some additional actions that we should take for the celebration of liturgies: We are recommending to everyone that they resume the wearing of masks in church. Also the wearing of masks by everyone distributing Communion remains in effect.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Leonard P. Blair

Thank you, in advance, for all you do for our Parish here at St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish.
Rev. Michael Santiago

 New Directives for Liturgies in Churches of the Archdiocese of Hartford