Parish Festival



We would like to thank all the men, woman, boys and girls of the our parish who helped Lenny, Fred, Don and Frank set up all the equipment, tables, chairs, and then helped take down and put away all of these items.

Our festival was also successful for the MANY SPONSORS, who without your generous support, Sharon, Marie, Lenny and Kathy could not accomplish this event and defray the expenses.

Thanks to ALL who donated water and soda and the wonderful baked goods for the festival. These made
the booths flourish immensely!
Thanks to Michele who handled the Volunteers that Marie signed up to help, and made sure all were Virtus trained per our Archdiocese of Hartford rules.

Mostly thanks to all the volunteers who manned the booths and who stood behind the grills, fryolators, hot oil pans and stoves to make the delicious fried dough, hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, fried fish - calamari, soft shell crabs and clam strips, meatball subs, sausage and peppers (those subs were overflowing) on our big sub rolls that were donated by APICELLA’S BAKERY, THANK YOU!

To all the STUDENTS who helped to take tickets, serve soda and Italian ice, their energy was unmatched! Youth is wonderful part of our future, we thank you!
We had a new booth this year which was our Espresso booth thanks to Melanie. It was a nice touch. Also THANK YOU NELCON for the extra dumpster and tower lights that were such a big help in lighting our parking lot as well as our new freezer!
Thanks to all in our parish and community who came and enjoyed all we had to offer, we hope all of you had fun!

To put on an event of this magnitude it takes months of planning, gathering supplies and watching expenses & the income but mostly the help of our parishioners, which we are ever grateful for. We hope to continue this parish-wide event and tradition with the help from our many parishioners.

Until next year please think of helping and joining in on all the fun and support of our parish. Planning for next years Festival begins in January, please contact Marie and Sharon in the office 203-239-5378

Thank you to all!
Rev. Michael Santiago and the Festival Committee

We would like to announce
the St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Raffle Winners:

1st Prize-$500 Cash Prize -Kathy Taylor
2nd Prize-$300 Cash Prize - Lauren Provini
3rd Prize-$200 Cash Prize - Christian DeForno
4th Prize–$100 Cash Prize - William & Theresa Marino

Also Congratulations to all our basket winners! Thank you to Mary Ann & Nancy who ran the raffle tables.
We will have a final total of the profit made from the festival/carnival & raffle combined to be reported in a future bulletin. The support from all who donated makes a major fundraising event held by our parish most successful and is needed and greatly appreciated!
Thank you again, Father Michael Santiago
& The Festival Committee

We would like to also announce the winners of the Bocce tournament:

1st Place winners Alessandro Barecchia & Felice Fusco
And Many thanks to Mark Viveiros, DAN MAR Construction for
our brand new bocce court behind St. Therese Church, it looks amazing!

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