Summer Camp

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
Summer Camp 
“Celebrating Fun in Faith!”


Dear Families,

Our 2022 summer camp has concluded

If you have any questions about next years summer camp, please feel free to call me at 203-234-9971 or email at [email protected]

See you soon at camp!!!
Miss Michele

Below is a sample of the our programs from 2022

Week 1     Art Week!    

Our Talents Serve God!

Monday, through Friday

A week filled with art activities that celebrate our artistic talents!

Week 2     Make a splash!

           God created water on Day Two!      

Monday, through Friday

A week on Science & Water with hands on experiences that God created for us!

Week 3     Food Truck Week!

          Using our cooking talents from Gods gifts of the earth!

Monday, through Friday

  • Cooking with our bounty from our school garden food truck themed items!

Week 4     Sports! 

       Strengthen our Faith & our Bodies!

Monday,  through Friday

  • A week filled with sports and being physically fit with the body God blessed us with!